Somnibel therapy

Comprises a small and light device that sticks to the forehead and applies a light vibration when you sleep in the supine position, this induces you to change position, thus reducing the occurrence of respiratory events. It represents a great step forward in comfort for patients with positional OSA and snoring.

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*Medical device protected by international patent

It has been developed by the SIBELMED R&D&i department



Without adjustments


The intensity of the vibration progressively increases until you change
position, there are four levels of intensity available.

Should you prefer to sleep on your back, thanks to the Delayed
EasySleep function, the device will start operating 15 minutes after it is put on.

Somnibel sticks to the forehead using a comfortable adhesive.

Improves your sleep

Somnibel reduces the time spent sleeping in the supine position. If you suffer from positional apneas or snoring, it may help you to improve your sleep because in a high percentage of patients it:

Reduces apnea

blood oxygen saturation

Can help reducing
snoring index

sleep quality

daytime sleepiness

Why Somnibel?

  • It’s comfortable and does not require an adaptation period.
  • It’s not invasive.
  • It’s suitable for traveling because it is light, small and easy to carry.
  • It remains in place throughout the entire night.
  • It’s painless.
  • It’s quiet.
  • It’s Hygienic.


Somnibel is indicated for patients over 18, 45kg. and 145cm.

Read the user manual carefully before using your Somnibel.

Use only accessories and adhesives approved by the manufacturer SIBEL, S.A.U.

Somnibel complies with the current legislation on medical devices.

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Am I a good candidate for Somnibel?

If you are more than 18 years old, weigh more than 40 kg, and your height is above 145 cm, you suffer from positional sleep apnea and/or snoring, Somnibel is the therapy for you.

No. Somnibel applies a mild gradual vibratory stimulus and adapts to every user through its 4 available intensity levels. It does not trigger sleep fragmentation.

When you connect it to the mains, the green light comes on. When it goes off, this means that the device is fully charged.

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Somnibel therapy

A great step forward in comfort for patients with positional apneas and snoring.

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