Somnibel Pro Solution

It is a Medical product that consists of a small piece of equipment weighing 17 g that sticks to the forehead using a single-use hypoallergenic adhesive. The device lightly vibrates when the patient sleeps in the supine position to induce him to change body position, reducing the occurrence of respiratory events while sleeping, whether as a result of positional apnea and snoring.

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It has been developed by the SIBELMED R&D&i department in collaboration with:



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Restorative sleep

Somnibel is a great step forward in comfort for patients with
positional OSA problems. This type of OSA is most common in patients with light to moderate conditions,
young people and the less obese.

Somnibel is a class IIa device manufactured in accordance with European
Directive on Medical Devices and the highest quality standards.

Studies such as 'Positional Treatment vs Continuous Positive Airway Pressure in Patients
with Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome,' Jokic et al, Chest. 1999, also
suggest the use of positional therapies for treating OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea).

In contrast with other therapies, Somnibel PRO:

  • Is painless.
  • Is quiet.
  • Does not affect or fragment the sleep structure.
  • Is comfortable and does not require an adaptation period.
  • Is not invasive.
  • Is suitable for traveling, because it is light, small and easy to carry.
  • Remains in place throughout the entire night.
  • Benefits partner's rest.
  • There are no side effects.

My Somnibel

Somnibel is a class IIa medical device designed for the treatment of Positional OSA and
snoring, available in two models:

Use by patients

is aimed at patients with OSA and/or positional snoring.

Among other functions, it is activated 15 minutes after lying down to sleep and detects the sitting position, waiting a few minutes before re-applying the stimulus so that the patient can fall asleep after having gotten up.

Used by specialists

is aimed at sleep units and prescribing centers.

It monitors, assesses the effectiveness and tracks the therapy.
Its configuration means that the signals can be recorded, viewed and analyzed using SomniLab software.


Somnibel Solution Somnibel Pro Solution
Target > 18 years
> 40 kg
> 145 cm
Measurements 52 x 32 x 14 mm.
Weight 17 g
Operating mode Therapy mode
Placebo mode
Monitored signals Body position
Stimulus intensity
Recorded signals Body position
Stimulus intensity
Memory 365 recordings
Software SomniLab
Battery Rechargeable battery
Connectivity USB
Adhesives 1 box of 30 adhesives with user manual

SomniLab Software

Intuitive software, developed to download and analyze the signals recorded by your Somnibel Pro device. Allows storing and viewing of the body position, actigraphy and strength of the stimulus.

It will allow you to easily validate and track your patients thanks to its analysis of positional treatment compliance. You can use it to configure Somnibel Pro and adapt it to each of your patients’ requirements. It also offers personalization options, such as the initial delay times for vibration, vibration in the supine position or increased vibration, as well as modification of therapy or placebo mode for possible clinical studies.

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Is your patient a good candidate for Somnibel Pro?

If they are over 18 years old, weigh more than 40 kg, and their height is above 145 cm, they suffer from Positional sleep apnea and/or snoring, Somnibel Pro is the therapy for them.

Somnibel Pro can store up to 36 nights signal recording (with a maximum of 10 hours per recording) and 365 of therapy.

Somnibel Pro connects to a PC with the USB cable included. Use it to connect the device; it will be automatically detected by the software and you will be able to configure it easily.

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Somnibel therapy

A great step forward in comfort for patients with Positional OSA and snoring problems.

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