Regular Sleep for a Healthy Future

19 March, 2021

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Today is World Sleep Day and we want to take advantage of this special day to emphasize this year’s slogan: “Regular Sleep for a Healthy Future”.

We, human beings, are diurnal animals and to have good physical and mental health we need to respect our physiological cycles and our circadian rhythm as much as possible. The circadian rhythm is our internal biological clock. It follows a 24-hours cycle and in humans, as in other living beings, it allows physiological changes to be made every day. 

To have a quality sleep it is necessary to follow the circadian rhythms of our species and, in the case of adults, sleep at night between 7 and 9 hours. In addition, the regularity of our daily activities is very important. One of the key cycles to preserve the quality of our sleep is to follow regular sleep schedules; That is, try to get up and wake up each day of the week at the same time. 

For many of us, the current Covid-19 pandemic has affected our routines and caused changes in our rhythms. These changes have been able to affect our sleep, our vitality during the day and our emotional or mental well-being. Although we can be flexible sometimes, it is always recommended to protect and prioritize our rest. So now you know it: avoid staying out late and go to bed earlier, even on the weekend. 

Take care of your nights, take care of yourself!

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